The ICEM Celebration

The ICEM Celebration
Wed 20 July 2022, 7pm


Throughout lockdown in October 2020, Studio 3 Arts’ Big Deal Young Actors Company co-devised their own radio play  called Thumbprint, with support from directors Ashley Joseph and Valentine Olukoga.

The play explores themes such as identity, migration and environment.

Cast: Rachel Keller, Raniyah Roserie, Sophia Archibald, Kayleigh Dobinson

Written by the cast

Script credits: Ashley Joseph, Valentine Olukoga and Theresa Odebiyi

Music credits: Jee Juu Beats, Vxlentine – Vybe, Beatowski, 30HertzBeats, NK Music, RRareBear

Listen to Thumbprint here:

Main Theatre:

Deep Difference

Cast Raniyah Roserie

The Fight

Cast Makaine Willie, Isaiah Waterman
Directed by Hayden Basikila

My District

Cast Rachel Keller

Day & Night

Cast Jane Ihegbu

The Point of No Return

Cast Kohuné Aziz-Kamara


Why can’t you see me?

Cast Brody Keenan, Hayden Basikila

This Is Me

Cast: Eri Odetoye, Kayana Vidal, Taranpreet Thandi 


La vie de 1992 by Blessing Dibateza, Janai-Elise

Who Am I by Eri Odetoye

Also in the gallery, all original pieces being performed

Special Thanks:

Drama Lead Facilitators: Carol Duval, Rosie Marie-Christian

The playlist this evening are of songs that are a representative of the celebration themes chosen by the young people.