Page, Stage, Script – Sunday 1 October

Artists & programme
Sun 1 Oct, 5.30pm

Page, Stage, Script at Studio 3 Arts

Discover fresh new theatre, spoken word, live music, theatrical comedy and contemporary dance performances. Over three action-packed nights Page, Stage, Script presents 12 original performances, co-curated by Jade Hackett and Ashley Joseph.

Jordan Aaron

Hear Me Out

A step into three different lives all with the exact same story. This theatre piece explores the possibility of multiverse where a story is picked up by three of the exact same people who have taken the same path, the only difference being they’re from different parts of the world. They reminisce on the times they had and show regret on the opportunities they missed out on, speaking directly to the audience about how much of an impact the performing arts community can have on a young person. Will they settle for the life they have? Or will they make a change?

Written & performed by Jordan Aaron

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Razak Osman

Tube Chronicles

A performance about my time working the Night Tube at a London underground tube station as an actor. It’ll include the funny, bizarre, and wild experiences I’ve gone through and witnessed during my time as a CSA (customer service assistant). Here’s some advice: Mind The Gap, stand behind the yellow and stop pissing in the cross passages.

Written and performed by Razak Osmen

Music: Knao – SYM & Jill Scott Golden

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Eleanor Kane

Up The Road

Up The Road is a show about loneliness on a London commute, using bits of verbatim text from passers by on the tube.

Written and performed by Eleanor Kane

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Dionne Reid


The perfect fusion of play and music. Our music-themed wonderland offers a unique and immersive experience for all participants. A chance to explore a world where fun meets melodies.

Peformers Dionne, Leke and Nandi

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